As NicEye IT Consulting, our success story is built up on the success of our business associates. We offer effective, value-adding, secure, new and creative solutions based on our business associates’ needs. Here are some of our success stories as examples of our services and solutions;

IP Phone
While building the IT Infrastructure in Turkey, we came up with the solution of IP phones in compliance with the Samsonite Global IT Infrastructure standards. We applied this solution in headquarters and stores, and still give customer support. We used Cisco Call Manager and Cisco IP Phone for Samsonite.
In compliance with Pfizer’s global standards, we designed Service Desk telephone infrastructure and its professional reporting based on ITIL standards. Asterisk infrastructure and Cisco IP Phone were used for this solution.
Network Infrastructure Installation
In order to provide optimization for the WAN connection between the global centers and Turkey headquarters of our business associates, WAN optimization solution using Riverbed products was implemented.
We implemented Point-to-Point connection between Istanbul headquarters and offices in different cities. For this project, we used Cisco products based on G.SHDL, Leased Line.We performed many cabling projects for new offices and infrastructure renovations.
Wireless infrastructure project was implemented in the four-building, 450 rooms hotel. Project design, planning, cabling and Access Point configuration were performed. Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Access Points were preferred for this project.
Utilizing a large team for one night, configuration of five network distribution centers was carried out in a campus where a 24/7 working factory and many critical systems were present.
System Room Infrastructure Installation and Organization
In this project, where our client’s aim was to improve and implement a more professional infrastructure for the system room while building a new headquarter; we installed a modern system room that will be suitable for future improvements by planning into the finest detail. We installed the systems cooling, prevention for fire and flood; and also the monitoring tool for these kinds of threats. For this project NetBotz monitoring and alert systems were used
We carried out arrangement and renewal of system rooms in our client’s headquarters and factory offices. After careful analysis and planning, the job was completed in two nights. Besides reorganizing network and server cabinets, clean-up of the servers and network devices was also performed.
IT Infrastructure Operation
In this project, we provided a solution to a customer which is on growing trend, by addressing their growing infrastructural needs. The project covered all the customers’ requirements such as; network infrastructure, system room infrastructure, domain structure, standardization of end user systems, file management structure and multi function printers.

Due to the customer’s old technologic systems, we planned migrations to replace old ones. Project scope; MDeamon to Microsoft Exchange 2010 migration, Active Directory 2003 to 2008 migration, SharePoint 2010 implementation.

Project draft, planning the project according to customer structure, administration of actions and after project end user support was given by us in all customer locations. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Windows Server 2008 Active Directory were preferred during the project.
VMware Virtualization and Consolidation
Project covered 60 physical server migrations to virtual infrastructure. Before starting off the project, detailed technical analysis and planning was made and details were provided to Pfizer Global IT Infrastructure teams. Optimum solution was generated by sharing ideas with Pfizer Global IT Teams.

All technical and operation processes such as; server cabinet organizing, migration of servers to virtual infrastructure was completed by our teams during the project. HP ProLiant DL580 G5 servers, HP StorageWorks MSL6000 Tape Library, VMWare ESXi, VMWare Virtual Center, EMC Clariion CX4-120 SAN and Cisco SAN Switch were used in the operation.

Intel Innovation Center: Infrastructure and Virtualization Laboratory Installation

In this project, we installed VMware Virtual Infrastructure on HP, IBM and DELL servers which are located in Intel Turkey Datacenter, in order to provide test environment for Intel supported software companies.
EMC SAN Data Storage and Back-up Solutions:
We provided an SAN Infrastructure solution aligned within their global standards for a customer located in Turkey that has offices all over the world and hundreds of thousands of employees. Their need was decided by considering product selection, current capacity and rate of data growth on datacenters. EMC Clarion CX4-120 SAN, 2x Cisco SAN Switch and Host Bus Adapters for all servers was selected and used with fiber connections for the project. In addition, we installed HP Storage Works MSL6000 Tape Library connected to SAN Switch with fiber, in order to backup with tapes.

A customer who used to keep data on HP MSA2000 Storage and have plans on IT infrastructural growth in near future was provided a SAN solution that had enough capacity to handle future needs. In this solution, EMC VNXe Series SAN and Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Gigabit Switch were used supporting iSCSI interface.

Customers which were located in Istanbul and had 2 district stores were provided with a back-up solution after a selection of different technologies and scenarios through testing and evaluation. A solution was created considering future stores and centralized back-up plan. HP D2D StoreOnce Backup System and HP StorageWorks MSL2024 Tape Library were integrated in to existing IT Infrastructure.

Customers tended to grow their datacenter capacity and server environment after they migrated virtual environment. Customer server environment was renewed with virtual structure. In addition to that datacenter solution was upgraded with new generation that extends datacenter capacity. HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Servers, HP StorageWorks P2000 SAN and VMWare ESX 5.0 were used in this project.

A customer that kept his critical system and data in manufacturing plants was provided with a solution that made back-up and pushed backed up data to his HQ datacenter. EMC Clariion CX4-120 SAN and EMC Avamar Data Store were used for project.

A Radio Chanel that airs from its studio was provided with a storage solution. Because of their lack of infrastructure and limited budget, the customer needs were analyzed detailed and offered optimum solutions. QNAP SAN, DELL Gbic Switch and HP ML Server were the preferred choice for this customer.

IT Infrastructure and Detailed End User Change/Transfer Projects
Supplying resources for our clients’ projects related to IT infrastructure; we perform extensive and exclusive services such as:

By flexible resource planning and 24/7 support of our Service Desk, transference of ADSL service from one provider to another and remote installation support for 1000-person field force was carried out.

In Laptop Exchange Project for machines that has fulfilled its EOL, laptops were gathered from different cities, and new installations were set up after all data was backed up. Resource support was given using a special team assigned to this project.

Support was given from planning stage to user support for a project that contains complete change of end user system, exclusive and flexible resources.

For all our clients’ projects, we give support from planning to reporting and create dedicated teams for each project.

In our projects we create all software and reporting systems required by the job and put it into the service of our customers. Many systems that were created during our projects are still being used by our customers.
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